duomo di milano facciata

A Day In Milan

If you decide to visit Milan, and you happen to be a Christian, and even better a Catholic – and for some odd reason you like beauty, here is a good way of spending one day of your holiday. Just walk around and visit churches. I can’t find solid data on how many churches are… Read More ›

taking responsibility akin to weight lifting

The Fine Line Of Responsibility

If there is one thing that I have found useful in my life and – still relatively brief – career, is the taking of responsibility, at least to a high degree. Nobody is ever fully responsible – but for the important things, you should try. I identify responsibility as a drive to bring things to… Read More ›

Flirting With Technology

There is something incredibly peaceful and satisfying about contemplating things that are far in time and space – I’m talking about the cold beauty of the universe, remote galaxies, mysteries of science, origin of matter; but also with respect to time, for example how life must have been at the time of the dinosaurs, and… Read More ›

How Bad Is It Going To Be?

I have been fortunate to spend some time in Milan recently. July and August are not the best time to be in Milan – it is hot and humid, and relatively quiet (most locals flee Milan in the summer, if they can). However, it was difficult to ignore the feeling of emptiness and fear that… Read More ›

Eat In, Help the NHS

I understand why Rishi Sunak and the UK government have come up with a scheme to incentivise people to go out – not because going out is a great thing per se, given that it will increase your chances to catch Covid, but at least because it will support the economy and the restaurant sector,… Read More ›

An Interest in Learning

One of my many side projects, or better dreams, would be to create a school, designed in a way that it would be completely unique. It would be a secondary school / high school type level. I will not get into the details in this post, but let’s just say that it would be incredibly… Read More ›

Attitudes and Perception

I have been thinking a lot lately about the polarization taking place in our Western society, and particularly in the US, and trying to quantify how much of that is externally driven (media, political discussion, economic gaps etc) and how much is actually hardwired in us, biologically. We seem to naturally gravitate 50-50 towards conservative… Read More ›

The New Normal

It is so strange to travel and see how different countries are reacting to the current pandemic. There is a desire to go back to normal, and yet you see masked people everywhere. You may go to a fancy restaurant, and you have waiters elegantly dressed with appropriate black masks. I can’t think of a… Read More ›

There is really nothing to talk about

As I go through my morning routine of checking the news on Italian, UK and US media, as well as on Twitter, I can’t help noticing that there is literally nothing worth reading. The usual Covid section; the usual Trump section; the usual celebrity section and the usual what are we to do with our… Read More ›

new york city

America, America

Many tribes, one country. For the longest time, my only idea of America was really New York City, where I worked. I had been to the West Coast, to Hawaii and to a few other places, but really when you spend a week on holiday, you hardly get to know a country this big. It’s… Read More ›


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