There is really nothing to talk about

As I go through my morning routine of checking the news on Italian, UK and US media, as well as on Twitter, I can’t help noticing that there is literally nothing worth reading.

The usual Covid section; the usual Trump section; the usual celebrity section and the usual what are we to do with our life section.

It’s quite sad that journalism has come to this point – it is also true that it’s now mid July, and most people want to take a break from the worst year we have seen in a long time, and we are all ready to shut down our brains for a little while.

The only two interesting themes I have picked up recently came from Twitter.

It was worth reading journalist Bari Weiss’s story as she leaves the New York Times, a paper that has gone farther than any other in the business of generating narratives rather than reporting facts – something that Eric Weinstein has been a vocal critic of. The degree of push-back and abuse that Ms Weiss has endured in what should be considered a top tier media firm, is appalling. The champions of social justice seem to promote justice only in one direction, the one they like.

It was also interesting to see the now single-minded focus by LBC radio presenter Maajid Nawaz about what the Chinese Communist Party is doing in terms of infiltrating the systems of the West, especially here in the UK, and their undisguised oppression of the Uighur minority. More and more shocking stories are starting to come out, in the general indifference of the world.

If you think of it, it does feel like we have entered Cold War II already. Unfortunately for the West, too many people currently have enough issues on their hands to barely get by, let alone focusing on the bigger picture..

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